Creating Economic Opportunities for Members, Partners, and Stakeholders.
About Tsain-Ko Development Corporation

As the corporate arm of the shíshálh Nation, our goal is creating First Nations economic development opportunities through the traditional territory of the shíshálh Nation. To accomplish this, we build, manage and promote existing businesses that will generate wealth and opportunities for our members, partners and stakeholders.

Tsain-Ko Development Corporation started in year 2010 and has been growing rapidly since.  It manages multiple companies conducting business in natural resources, land development, capacity building, and business support.

The double-headed sea serpent is the symbol for healing power, strength and invulnerability.
Double-Headed Sea Serpent

tsain-ko (properly spelled without capital letters in sháshíshálh and pronounced like “chain-ko” in English) , after which the shíshálh Nation’s economic development arm and its group of companies is named, is the name of the double-headed sea serpent.  It is the symbol for healing power, strength and invulnerability.