Stories of the Totems
About the Five Totems at the Tsain-Ko Village Shopping Centre

The Centre boasts extensive first nations artwork for our visitors to admire, including the five impressive totem poles gracing the entrance. Learn about who carved each totem, the figures represented, and what they mean to the shíshálh Nation.

Totem One
Totem One

Top Figure: Thunderbird

The Thunderbird represents Strength and is one of the most powerful figures to place on a Totem pole amongst the Kwa’gulth people. It has strong history and is the healing power of the Northwest Coast First Nations People.

Bottom Figure: Tsuno’kwa (Wild Woman of the woods)

Tsuno’kwa is the highest ranking figure to place on a Totem pole; it shows the wealth of the community and its families. Amongest the Kwa’gulth it shows how noble the family is and where they stand in the ranking system of the Kwa’kwa’kawakw people. Pole carved by: Andrew Puglas Jr. (U’magalis) and Patrick Hunt (Kwinsistalagalis) 2007

Totem Two
Totem Two

Top Figure:  Raven Releasing the Sun

The Raven is releasing the Sun and giving us life and the Sunshine Coast its sunshine.

Bottom Figure:  Human Figure with Tsain-Ko

The human figure represents our ancestors.
The Double Headed Sea Serpent runs up the ancestral figure.
This is “Tsain-Ko” after which Tsain-Ko Village is named.

Totem Three
Totem Three

Top Figure: The Eagle

The Eagle on the top of the Totem Pole with its wings out is the Spiritual Bird that watches over all our communities.

Second Figure: The Welcome Figure

The Welcome Figure, holding its arms out in greeting, is welcoming people of other nations to the Sechelt Community.

Third Figure: The Killer Whale

The Killer Whale, “Hunter of the Sea” represents family and togetherness.

Pole carved by: Richard Baker and Matthew Baker 2007

Totem Four
Totem Four

Top Figure: The Watchman

The top figure is The Watchman, keeping an eye on all our territories.

Figures Below: Animal Symbols

All the animal figures below the Watchman represent the band crest for each of our traditional areas.

These are:

  • The Eagle
  • The Wolf
  • The Killer Whale
  • The Grizzly Bear
  • The Frog

Pole carved by: Tony Paul (Antuni) 2007

Totem Five
Totem Five

Top Figure: Thunderbird

The Thunderbird is the spiritual guardian of the shíshálh Nation.

Second Figure: Lady Figure with Drum

The Lady Figure represents our elders.
The Lady is holding a Drum which symbolizes singing songs to the other Totem Poles.
On the Drum is a Double Headed Eagle which represents the Sechelt Nations Crest.

Pole carved by: Tony Paul (Antuni), Matthew Baker and Richard Baker 2007